Alexander Zubkov

Writer, Director, VFx TD Artist

2010-2020 VFx & Compositing Showreel

This is a kind of summary of 10 years in video production and postproduction works.
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“Russia Polymers” (Discovery) VFx

This is the breakdown of the final scene of the Discovery Channel film “Russia Polymers. How it’s made”.
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Nivea 2018 Commercials VFx

In 2018 as a member of the Madlight VFx team I made VFx for Nivea commercials.
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Gorilla Energy drinks Commercial VFx

My task was to add the CG and live-shot audience to tribunes.
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Youtube Video
briefly about...


Right after I had got my own PC in 2001 I was learning video editing (and other related stuff) by creating so-called AMV’s and several documentaries at the university where I was studying computer science.

My professional journey began in 2004. As a freelance self-taught 3D artist I was making some simple art, icons and banners for the websites. In early 2005 I was hired by the local television “Channel 5” Ltd. as a NLE Editor. A year later I accepted an offer to become a motion designer at the regional TV and radio company “Lipetsk Time”. In 2007 I was invited to “Marchrut TV-Lipetsk” advertising agency as a creative director.

In 2009 I founded the “ARt DDs production team” where depending on the project I was acting as a screenwriter, director, editor and VFx artist/supervisor. Later in 2013 I also joined the “Trailers’ Studio” as a project supervisor.

In 2015 I moved to Saint Petersburg and I got a job as a Compositing and VFx artist at the “Melnitsa Animation” Studio. From 2016 till 2021 I have been upscaling my VFx and composing skills working as a freelance artist. In the middle of 2021 I announced the launch of my own short movie project which is currently in production and resumed working as a writer and director. I also keep working as a freelance VFx artist/supervisor on the projects that are interesting to me.

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